Our datacentre has recently undergone a massive investment program. Find out why our technology helps us stand out from the rest.

Top Spec Hardware

We only use the latest high-end servers, using Dell and HP hardware. We never over-subscribe to keep your site fast.

Power Redundancy

Our datacentre uses multiple mains power providers, as well as having on-site backup generators, to ensure no loss of power.

Green and clean

We use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power where possible, so your site has minimal environmental impact.

Avoid Data Loss

All our servers and platforms are backed up several times a day, both on-site and to a secure, off-site location.

Server Protection

Our servers are protected by the latest in firewall and anti-virus technologies, to keep your website safe.

Secure Access

Our datacentre has 24/7 security and biometric access to provide top-level security of your data.